Why worry?

Do parents really know what is going on in the Maltese education system?

If results are good, parents tend to believe all is ok. But is it? Are our youth getting the best education?

After years of schooling, scores of examinations, and hundreds of hours of private lessons, our children arrive at a moment of truth. A moment when our children are classified as successful or not. A moment when they are forced to sit for multiple examinations and are tested for the knowledge they have supposedly gained over most of their young life.

This system is meant to churn out individuals who will base their current and future self-worth on the outcome of their MATSEC examinations. These individuals are tethering on a precipice of doom or success. And us adults may not be so privy to the emotions that are ongoing in the unformed minds of these young individuals.

In a few days there will be a moment of truth. In the form of an SMS. Smartphones will ping and reluctantly, yet with trembling eagerness, hundreds of hands will tap on their inbox to see a glimpse into their future. There will be gasps of elation and relief, but there will be also sighs of dismay and young eyes will darken with remorse, sadness, even anger perhaps. Anger at their inability to really show what they are capable of. Not based on a spate of tense examinations, but on experiences, skills learnt and other successes that employers seek, but relegated in the Maltese education system through the need for an efficient system.

Is this really what we want for our children? We may argue that we have all been through this system, and if it worked for us, why should it not work for our offspring? But in reality the stress imposed by this vicious circle that foment a rat race for a non-existent holy grail need not be the reality that our children have to face. Other options do exist. Options which are not meant to pressure students into submission, but to guide them to realize their dreams. Education is meant to strengthen youthful enthusiasm rather than crushing them.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, has challenged this system for 37 years. With its every changing curriculum, enhanced learning methodologies, practical experiences, individual attention, research-based learning and the continuous development of the lecturers, this educational institute has one objective; that of salvaging these young individuals who have been left helpless on the wayside. The same students who had been told by the system that they were not meant to be successful, have made it big.

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Young men and women at Saint Martin’s Institute would in turn progress stoically, to achieve honours, which they had been told would never be theirs, and with proud smiles, graduate from one of the most renowned universities in the world: The University of London.
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If you are an international resident, and love living in Malta, but want to study for a world renowned and recognised University, then remember that Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education accepts students who can present the minimum requirements on a first-come-first-served basis. Students who wish to join the Institute but are still waiting for their result may apply and they will receive a provisional acceptance letter. Please call us during office hours on +356 2123 5451 or email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu or you may check our socials.

If you wish to visit us, our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30pm and Friday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Address: Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, the New Building, 116, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1556 Phone us on +356 2123 5451 email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu



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