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Unlike other very small island states, Malta has been endowed with a University that is key to the cultural and economic development of the nation. Yet, having a single University is not healthy in the growing competitiveness and globalisation. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education was set up to raise the bar of higher education to reach to the very best in international standards.

The Institute chose to join the network of a world renowned University of London with Member Colleges that are ranked among the highest in the world, with the specific intention that students reading for the degrees at Saint Martin’s will be examined by an international panel of examiners and not by the lecturers themselves.

Students sit for examinations that have been set and corrected by the examination panels of the Member Colleges of the University of London, such as the LSE — ranked #1 in social sciences and management in Europe and #2 in the world by QS world university ranking for the third consecutive year.

This structure ensures full transparency.

And the excellent results attained by graduates of the Institute with very high percentages of first class honours conferred on the Saint Martin’s Institute graduates proves beyond any doubt that the teaching at the institute is world class.

An educational institution’s success is measurable only by its alumni’s development in their respective careers. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is very conscious that the role of a University is to prepare the student in readiness for a selected career. The Institute keeps close contact with its alumni, because their success is the Institute’s success.

What some of our many Alumni have to say

Veronica Castillo BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance

started a career at Medirect Bank as Officer-Syndicated Loans Operations

Veronica Castillo receiving her BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance Parchment

My time at Saint Martin’s was undoubtedly the best years, as it unlocked my potential. The assistance I attained from all of my lecturers, who were at the students’ disposal whenever needed allowed my colleagues and myself to gain the necessary tools to develop abilities and explore a vast range of subjects within the realm of Banking and Finance. I was able to learn, to grow and to succeed, not only academically, but also as a person.

The degree I followed is under the academic direction of the LSE, and the depth in each subject studied clearly had the hallmark of this world famous university. It was a tough degree to follow, but I always wished to distinguish myself and look for rigour and validity in what I learn. The combination of a degree syllabus based on research emanating from LSE departments, and the teaching and preparation I attained from Saint Martin’s Institute have played a very important role in my career choice. The tasks I am undertaking at Medirect Bank are an extension of what I was taught and practiced during my University experience.“ Read Veronica’s story Click Here

Keith Vella Licari MSc Information Security BSc (Hons) Computing & Information Systems

Award: First Class Honours in undergraduate BSc CIS, and Distinction in MSc

Jean Carl Grech BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing

Award: First Class (Hons)

I was employed as a clerk in the civil service when I embarked on my Diploma in Creative Computing. My life has rocketed since that day in 2012!

I ventured to participate in the GameDev challenge which gave me useful experience and insight in the Software Development Life Cycle which landed me a job with Intelligent Payments Group as a Quality Assurance Tester! Thanks to my courses in Java I was also able to build automated test programs using Selenium. The courses in eCommerce, Interaction Design, Advanced Graphics, Creative Computing and Project Management inspired me to go a step further in my career and perform Business Analysis work within the company and after a few months, I was officially promoted to a Business Analyst! Of course my role has changed but I still keep Quality at heart because it is one of the most important aspects in the development cycle.

Jean Carl reaching out for his next big dream

Among other roles I am assigned to gather requirements for new projects, perform data mining (SQL), build software mock-ups, flow diagrams (UML) and communicate directly with the clients to ensure that the project scope is well established and defined — all topics which are covered in the Creative Computing course at SMI.

My advice — if you have the passion — believe in yourself, take the plunge and get your IT career started — the adventure starts at SMI #StartMyInspiration.

And my next step … own a Ferrari!

Hein Chetcuti MSc International Business, BSc (Hons) Information Systems & Management

Awards: Distinction & Second Upper Honours

After some time, I realised that my progression was stinted since i did not have the knowledge to take me to a managerial level. Promotion was possible, but only with long years of experiential learning. I realised I had to read for a degree that will give me the depth of knowledge and the structure of curriculum that will sustain my career prospects. Since Iwished to keep my job, full time tertiary education was not a possibility, and after researching availability of degree programmes that were available for evening students, I opted to read for the BSc (Hons) degree in Information Systems and Management that is led academically by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) of the University of London. I was lucky that Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, an Affiliate Institution of this prestigious and world renowned University offered tuition after 5pm and in 2004 I embarked on this degree, which I finished in 2008 with a first class honours classification.

Read Hein’s full story Click Here

Dr George Azzopardi BSc (Hons) Comp&IS, MSc, PhD

A brilliant academic career that started at Saint Martin’s Institute …

Twenty years ago, I had decided that I’ve had enough of school, and joined Bank of Valletta as a clerk. Since I had studied computing at advanced level, the bank transferred me to the IT services division and that’s were I heard about Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.

In the year 2000, the ICT educational sector was nowhere as developed as today. The only opportunity to read for an undergraduate degree in computer science was with the University of Malta, and only as a full time student. At the bank, there was a strong rumour that a number of employees had embarked on reading for their degree in computing as evening students with the University of London, at a local institute. Initially I did not pay any attention — I was settled in a good job, and determined to enjoy my freedom from the daily grind of study. But as the weeks passed, I started to hear good tidings about the local Institute and the exceptionally good results that my colleagues attained in their exams, and I started to get the itch to give it another try — and I did — and this time round I excelled. Graduating with a first class honours in 2006 and receiving an Academic Achievement Award for Computing by the University of London, I felt I was on top of the world. I set myself to my tasks as a professional developer with the Bank.

Read to full story Click Here

Wilbert Tabone BSc (Hons) Creative Computing

First Class Honours

Danjeli Schembri BSc (Hons) Creative Computing

First Class Honours

Danjeli Schembri with friends in Edinburgh

Danjeli Schembri is a passionate musician and whilst reading for his degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, he frequented the music scene in Malta and performed in a number of gigs on stage and in popular music venues. His first job after graduating was with TRC Family Entertainment that had set itself up here in malta, and he had the good fortune to be employed with one of the best sound engineers in computer game technology. He then followed his dream and was employed as a Sound Effects (SFX) engineer with RockStar Games in Edinburgh working on Grand Theft Auto. Lately he decided to return to his roots as a musician and following a career as a DJ back in Malta.

Tanya Chetcuti BSc (Hons) Computing & IS

First Class Honours


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