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Politics in the UK have swayed to and fro with regards to Brexit. It would be improbable that such currents will not affect the education sector, for which the UK is world renowned. With students from all over the world looking towards the UK’s formidable universities for furthering their education, uncertainty rules the day. Saint Martin’s Institute, a recognized teaching center of the University of London for the past 20 years, is set to put minds at rest, by offering students the chance to read for the world renowned University of London degrees on Maltese soil.

A personalized education guarantees best results to all our students #NotJustANumber Higher education need not be a stressful experience. With the right guidance, students will develop and succeed!

We care as much as YOU do!

Honestlywe want the best for YOUR child.

Every son or daughter is unique and precious, and Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is the one Institute that offers the world renowned University of London degrees in Malta at MQF level 6 level, with personalised attention towards your son or daughter. The Institute is small enough to care about each and every individual student, yet big enough to have a thriving community of students and academics.

This will never take place at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education where we believe in individual attention to the student needs. The average number of students in our lectures is of 20 students.

Small groups of an average of twenty students is the norm at the Institute, providing the resident lecturers the possibility to get to know each student, and give the necessary attention to help your son or daughter acquire the abilities and knowledge in the subject under study. Students must have the right to ask questions and be given answers in class, don’t you think? In the larger Institutions with hundreds of students crammed in a lecture theater, how is it possible for a lecturer to give the individual attention to each student to develop their acumen?

Just a few of the SMI graduands celebrating at the Barbican Hall, London (2019)

This is the class of 2015–18, made up of students who read for a BSc (Hons) in International Business conferred by the University of London. A clear majority of students attained the two top classifications — First Class and Second Class Honours who are mostly in secure well paid positions and also have the possibility to further their studies by reading for a master degree in ANY reputable University around the world! Saint Martin’s Institute does not just put its focus on the few but on the whole group, pushing and stretching each student to achieve the maximum possible attainment!

Isn’t this what YOU want for your child, say? Isn’t this what YOU expect from a valid and reputable University?

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What will this COST YOU?

Just €100 / month

Surprised! Read on.
Just €100 per month throughout your child’s studies

Yes, we do know that probably you have spent the past twelve years paying substantial donations to a Church School, or tuition fees at an independent school PLUS further thousands in private lessons! You may be looking forward to ending the need to pay for your child’s education — but think why you had decided in the very first place, that a private education at primary and secondary level was more beneficial for your child.

Do you honestly think that personal attention, excellent teachers, and a renowned school that cares are not important for your child when at University!

Do YOU think that just because YOUR child is now a teenager, s/he can cope with his/her studies? We know it is not the case, because we meet so many students who are broken in the system, and come to us to mend the pieces — students who would have done so well up to ordinary level sec, suddenly losing their way!

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Government Assistance

To help in YOUR decision …

‘The saying goes that there are TWO realities in life — death and taxation!’ If you are employed, you are paying income tax! #YourTaxes4YourChild


The Government of Malta is incentivising you as a parent or legal-guardian by offering you an income tax rebate of a maximum of €16,000 (sixteen thousand Euro) if you opt to register your child at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. YOUR net cost will be of €6,000 (circa due to exchange rate variations with Sterling £) over the three year degree course, and payable at €100/month! Is your son’s or daughter’s tertiary education worth €5,000 for the three years study?

The Maltese Government pays a stipends and grant to students who read for their degrees at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. €4,230 for students studying commerce and €7,690 for students reading for computing.

Your child will also receive stipends and maintenance grants as a student who is reading for the degree at a State Institution.

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You may call us on +356 2123 5451 or +356 9993 5451, email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu or pop in to our Institute in Hamrun.

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The University of London

The highest ranking University in Malta …

A Graduation Ceremony of the University of London, at the Barbican — London,UK.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a licensed tertiary institution by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education (NCFHE) and a Teaching Institution of the world renowned University of London. The Institute was set up in 1985, and has been offering Maltese and international students the possibility to read for University of London degrees in Malta since the year 2000. Throughout these years, a very high percentage of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students have gone on to achieve either a first class or second class honours in degrees conferred by the University of London.

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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 +356 9993 5451● eMail: infodesk@stmartins.edu



Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education

@stmartinsedu Maltese a licensed (№196) private, tertiary-level institution, offering University of London qualifications. #StartMyInspiration