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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is pleased to offer discerning students the opportunity to read for a University of London degree under the academic direction of the world famous London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) ranked #2 by QS World Ranking 2018 in management and social sciences. Management is an art as well as a science, and if you wish to accelerate your career and not wallow at the bottom of the food chain in an organisation, you should give a serious thought to the BSc (Hons) Business and Management. You may read for this degree as a full time student or in the evening, if you have freedom of movement in Malta.

Digital innovation is the foundation of organisations in the new millennium. Get ready!

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Tuition fees payable at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in Malta. Students reading the BSc (Hons) Business & Management academically led by the LSE need to finance exams totaling £3,000.

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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a licensed higher education by the NCFHE and has been an Affiliate Teaching Institution of the University of London since 2000, teaching for degrees academically led by the LSE, Royal Holloway, and Goldsmiths College — members of the University of London federation for the past 18 years, with our students achieving exceptionally good results and classifications.

All undergraduate degrees are taught on full time basis or evening study at Saint Martin’s Institute in Malta, with the degree awarded by the University of London following LSE syllabus and examined by the LSE examination boards. The final degree certificate will clearly identify the academic direction of the LSE.
Watch Professor Paul Kelly, the pro-director (pro-Rector) explain how the system works, and how students at Saint Martin’s Institute are reading for a degree.

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The GetQualified Tax Rebate Scheme

Get up to 70% of your tuition fees back if you are an EU student, or 50% back for non-EU

Students from ALL nationalities benefit from a scheme of the Government of Malta offering an income tax rebate of €3,500 (three thousand five hundred Euros) when the student graduates from the MQF level 5 Diploma and up to €12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred Euros) when the student graduates from the MQF Level 6 degree.

Terms & Conditions: The student must be employed in MALTA after graduation for around five years and paying income tax to receive the tax reimbursement. The figures listed are the maximum rebate, with 70% payable when tuition fees are below the maximum.

Why study Management

Every aspect of business requires differing skills and competences

At Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, we make a very clear distinction between Entrepreneurship and Management, in fact developing two separate tracks for the two overlapping yet differing skill sets.

Entrepreneurs, whilst illustrating clear and strong management and leadership traits, tend to be very nervous around long term initiatives. Entrepreneurs’ DNA lends itself towards starting up innovative projects, but get bored when the business starts growing and tends to “take care of itself”. But the reality is otherwise — the business will not take care of itself, it needs good managers who are able to scale up the business whilst the entrepreneurs attention starts to wander.

The Institute offers the MQF level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership that leads directly into the second year of the BSc (Hons) Business and Management that is academically led by the LSE. The diploma learning outcomes are intended to set the foundations of what it entails to startup a business, attaining full understanding of working and interpreting statistical data, be versatile with the different strategic management school of thoughts, the principles of financial and management accounting, the use of quantitative techniques, and obviously the theory behind good management and leadership. Students do not learn in isolation — they mix with students studying for entrepreneurship and finance, because in real life organisations they will be working closely with both.

For the next two years, students will move on to attain competences at MQF level 6 in economics, marketing, human resources, corporate finance, managerial economics, macroeconomics, management concepts, management accounting, managing information systems and international company law, following the Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences structure as set by the LSE. The degree has an international outlook, and thus competences learnt are applicable to whichever Country you may choose to build your career.

Your skills and competences will be honed by the very best!

You will graduate by the University of London.

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Students may read for these qualifications either on a full time basis earning stipends and maintenance grants under the MGUS scheme, or as evening students.

Students who successfully complete the Degree may choose to pursue their studies at Postgraduate, or seek employment in Malta or overseas. The Institute supports students in their career search through its annual Careers Symposium organised every February.

Professor Richard Jackman is the Academic Director for the Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences programmes of the University of London that fall under the Academic Direction of the LSE

The Saint Martin’s Scholarship Fund

€120,000 for distribution to high achieving students

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is pleased to offer a scholarship fund of €120,000 to be distributed in sums of €3,000 to each student that meets the set criteria.

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This is not a competition to select one student — YOU are #NotJustANumber

How much will it cost?

€100 per month …

€100 per month and income tax payable to Government provides you with the key

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, in partnership with Bank of Valletta, and the GetQualified Scheme offered by MEDE, has developed the SMIFlexiPay™, a scheme that allows students to read for a degree taught at Saint Martin’s Institute without the worry of hefty monthly tuition fees. (This scheme applies to EU students only).

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Stipends and Maintenance Grants

Students reading for the Diploma and Degree programmes at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education receive stipends and maintenance grants identical to that paid to students who attend at the State University.

For students reading Commerce subjects, they qualify for maintenance grants of €931.74 for the first year and €465.87 for every subsequent year of study. In addition students qualify for €769 per year in stipends divided into 9 equal monthly payments of €85. In total, a student will earn €1700 for the first year of study, and €1235 for each subsequent year.

(This applies to EU students who have lived in Malta for more than 5 years)

Applications are now open.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education accepts students with a minimum age of 16 years and with six ordinary level SEC passes including Mathematics and English.

Maltese and European students who lived in Malta for the past five years receive stipends and maintenance grants under the MGUS scheme offered by the Government of Malta.

Summer paid internships with blue chip firms in Malta are readily available.

The Institute accepts a maximum of 20 students every year for the 20 students for the Diploma in Management & Leadership in order to provide for the personal attention that each student deserves, and thus an early application is recommended. Acceptance is on a first come first served basis.

An application fee of €125 is applicable. Tuition Fees may be paid at €100 per month under the SMIFlexiPay™ (some terms and conditions apply) Click Here for details.

You may contact us on +356 2123 5451or

We can communicate via Skype with international students.

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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail:

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