The income tax you pay annually

Can be paid for your child’s university degree at Saint Martin’s Institute!

Why are you so obsessed that your child must read for a degree at a free state higher education institution? Don’t you know you are able to use your own income tax, that you have to pay anyway, to support your own child to follow an undergraduate degree from a world renowned University of London, taught at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. Your child will not be lost among thousands of ‘faceless’ students in state education, but actually matter throughout the three-year BSc (Hons) course.

You have worked hard to educate your child at the very best private or church schools. So why change the yardstick when your child faces the most important qualification for life!

Do you ever think that your child will apply for job interviews, and an employer is going to give any importance to the SEC or MATSEC qualifications? There is no career worth following that does not require at least a first degree at MQF level 6, in other words a bachelor degree. No amount of top grades at O or A levels are going to make up for a weak classification in the BSc (Hons) degree, and if the child will have an ambition to pursue further studies or work opportunities abroad, then the conferring University will also play a very important role!

You really should consider Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education as an extension of your child’s experience at a private or church school, offering the caring environment and individual attention that even late teenagers deserve.

Your child can read for a University of London degree, at Saint Martin’s Institute in business or computer science without paying any tuition fees during the three years of study.

Through the SMI FlexiPay scheme, a student is able to benefit from an interest free, monthly payment free loan that covers all the fees over the period of study. Therefore, you will not need to worry unduly about meeting tuition fees for your child, because everything is taken care of. You do not have to pay a single cent until your child graduates at the end of the three years.

The Government will repay YOU your own income tax contribution, that you have to pay anyway, because you support your child to read for a University of London degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.

In other words, instead of you paying your income tax, thus contributing towards your child’s education in a state financed institution, you opt to send your child at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, and the Government of Malta allows you to channel your income tax towards the choice of institution of your child.

The biggest surprise is our admissions criteria for your child!

All we need are four SEC at ordinary levels at grades 1 to 5, including Mathematics, English, and any other two subjects. That is right, our degree courses include the sixth form element in the first of three years, qualifying with an MQF 5 Diploma.

NO Maltese o-level — NO problem!

Anyway, we are an international school with a far-reaching reputation, and all our classes and assessments are in English.

What is truly important for your child?

The three main elements of equal importance when deciding on where to study are;

Quality Education — with a top-ranking University examining and awarding the degree to your child, taught at a local institution with an unblemished reputation of over 37 years teaching Maltese and international students attaining excellent results that no one can ignore;

Cost of tuition — The net cost of tuition at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education will result to €1,800 per year and your child will receive the full stipends and maintenance grants;

Life and career — the whole world opens for alumni of the University of London.

Ignorance is the worst anchor round an individual’s neck holding him or her back in a world that is changing


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