The best way to predict YOUR future … is to Create it”

Abraham Lincoln

As most of us would be aware, the Ordinary level SEC examinations have been cancelled and as an alternative, the school leaving marks have now been compiled and published by the Matriculation Board.

This system will be favouring those who did well during their fifth form, including their final examinations as prepared by their respective schools, but will maybe be working against those who had the tendency to procrastinate and cram all their studies for the end of the academic year, right to the eve of the actual examination! — which, as already mentioned, have this time round been cancelled.

This is the time where students realise the urgency of the situation and start a frenetic process to choose what they want to do with their lives, and ask themselves, what’s next!? Parents will know that these few weeks are key because the right decision taken now will set the child’s future on the right path.

Yet … the start of the scholastic year is still fraught with uncertainty owing to the oncoming fear of the second wave of Covid-19.

Given the choice, an individual should always aim to attain a University degree. Reading for a degree gives the student a wide perspective of the field of study that will be the basis for a sound career. It will also ascertain rigour and depth in thinking and discourse, the ability to work with others, the beauty of discovery of knowledge and the acquisition of competences that will enable the graduate to be productive and employable. Serious Universities assimilate all that is necessary to achieve all this, and cut decades off ‘learning on the job’.

It is advisable to settle as quickly as possible to an academic institution that will provide a clear and uninterrupted path towards achieving your degree. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education provides an opportunity to embark on a University of London degree through an MQF level 5 Diploma, with ordinary levels, integrating A-levels as part of the programme of studies.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Is it worth your consideration?

During these past thirty-five years, we have had the privilege of educating hundreds of students, safe in the knowledge that we are helping in making their dreams and aspirations come true. We supported them through the difficulties in their studies, and ensured that they attained the knowledge and skills expected by employers. Companies flock to our Careers Evening every February to provide opportunities for internships and subsequently, employ our students as soon as they graduate their degrees. We have assisted over a thousand students to graduate from the University of London, and subsequently secure well-paid careers. We are very proud of the very high percentage of our graduates achieving a first-class honours and academic awards from this world-renowned university, notwithstanding the increasing competition.

You can read for your degree on a full-time basis, receiving stipends and maintenance grants through the MGUS scheme, if you possess the equivalent of a minimum of four ordinary level subjects (their equivalent), including Mathematics and English. Tuition fees should not stop you from attending our Institution since you may qualify for the StudiesPlus+ scheme, which will allow you to study without paying tuition fees through an interest free loan, with just 30% net repayments upon employment after graduation.

Focused on the two most rewording careers in Europe, Commerce and Computing.

At Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, we provide paths to the TWO most well remunerated careers in Europe — the Finance and Computing Sectors with starting salaries of €30,000 in a junior position! We do not confuse our students with fancy-sounding degrees that lead to nowhere, because we feel the responsibility to bridge the education we provide, to a sustainable and rewarding career.

If you want to benefit from individual attention provided by our academic and administrative staff; who understand that every individual is unique in his/her needs, capabilities and requirements, we are offering you our experience in helping your child carve a future on his/her own terms. At Saint Martin’s Institute students are not just a number.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a Recognised Teaching Centre offering tuition for the University of London degrees in Malta.

Prospectuses: Computing Click HereCommerce Click Here

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Individual Attention Targeted towards Student’s Needs

Because we believe that everyone is important…

We don’t just have a tag line — it is in the very core of our existence. Our students are #NotJustANumber

Your children are important to YOU! The values of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education are based upon this singularity — each individual is important, and the academics and administration staff do their utmost to see that each student is given every possible opportunity to succeed. [Are all students who attend Saint Martin’s Institute successful? Yes the vast majority succeed beyond expectations when they realise what a special place Saint Martin’s Institute is!]

The University of London graduation ceremony held every March at the Barbican, London. Students reading for their University of London degrees at Saint Martin’s Institute receive the accolades of a world renowned University that has no boundaries.

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Seriously — A Quality Education is Priceless

Is SMI free? Alas NO! … Is it Affordable? Thankfully YES!

Tuition fees aren’t welcome! The Institute is aware of the many bills families need to meet and this is exactly why the Studies Plus scheme comes in very handy. During the study period, the student does not need to pay any tuition fees — or any other fees — because these are paid through the Studies Plus interest free loan throughout the duration of studies. It is only upon graduation and employment that the student will start making monthly payments.

At the same time, though, as an employee the graduate will start receiving the income tax rebates, that may wisely be paid into the loan to eliminate it sooner then later. The net cost of the degree will be of just 30% of the total cost, since €16,000 will be repaid as income tax rebate!

Stipends & Maintenance Grants as a full time student

Students earn stipends and maintenance grants just like any other student reading for a degree in a State University.

The left sum shows the total earned for students reading for computing degrees whilst the right sum is the amount earned by students over a span of three years studying for commerce under the Malta Government Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme (MGUS).

Enough said … Act Now!

Visit our site to explore what we are able to offer your child. You may download an application form and a prospectus for commerce or computing and call us on 21235451 or drop us an email on to schedule an appointment to discuss the best way in which we can help your son and/or daughter achieve the major goal of life — a sound education!

Interested to join the class of 2020? Click here

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail:



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