Saint Martin’s Institute Graduation 2017

The SMI 2017 Graduation Ceremony was held on September 1st, 2017

The fourth Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education graduation ceremony was held on September 1st, 2017 to celebrate the achievement of 37 graduands and 26 high achievers.

You may view the Saint Martin’s Institute Graduation 2017 photo album here.

Mr Craig O’Callaghan the Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer from the University of London was the guest of honour and conferred the Diplomas and Awards to the graduates.

Mr Craig O’Callaghan’s Speech during SMI Graduation Ceremony, September 1st, 2017

Twenty six students graduated in their Diploma These Diplomas are accredited with the National Commission for Further & Higher Education (NCFHE) at Malta Qualification Framework level 5, and verified by a panel of External Examiners, Dr Jan Stockdale for the Diploma in Finance, Professor Alexiei Dingli for Computing and Dr Sameer Hosany for Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

The Graduates

SMI 2017 Graduates at MQF level 5 for Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management & Leadership & Computing

Diploma in Entrepreneurship (MQF Level 5)

Mohammed R Baghi
Katryna Briffa
Nicole M. Cassar
Ivan Dimitrijevic
Erica Galea
Samuel Hoiles
Ba Hieu Pham
Andre’ Psaila
Keilah M. Rijo
Lee Robertson
Stephen Mintoff
Yuan Chen

Diploma in Finance (MQF Level 5)

Timofey Borodzin
Edwatd Camilleri
Lorna Ciantar
Kristina Cini
Gregorio S. Guccione
Kristofer Klotzer
Stacey Neimand
Sebastian Polidano
Iaroslav Sherstoboev
Luca Vella

Diploma in Management & Leadership (MQF Level 5)

Lei Yang

Diploma in Computing (MQF Level 5)

Daniel J. Bakabak
Kleivert Bonello
Mariona Zahra

Enjoy the Souvenir Video of the Graduation Ceremony 2017

First Class Honours Graduates from the University of London

Three Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education will be conferred as first class honours graduates this March 2018. Ms Veronica Castillo, achieved a First Class Honours in Banking & Finance — a degree led by the internationally acclaimed London School of Economics and Political Science; Mr Massimo Saliba with a first class honours in Creative Computing, a degree led by Goldsmiths College; and third but surely not least, Mr Waqas Shah with a first class honours in International Business under the academic direction of the Royal Holloway. Three lead colleges — a first class achiever for each from Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education! And close to half of all Saint Martin’s Institute students graduating this year with the University of London achieving a second upper honours degree!

Students reading for their University of London Degrees graduate in March at the Barbican, London

Achievement Awards

Students who attained the highest marks with Distinction out of all Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students where awarded a High Achievement Award.

The top achievers at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, each with a Distinction from the University of London and top marks from the student cohort studying at Saint Martin’s

Business Entrepreneurship & Finance

Ms. Anna Koval BBA2070- Strategic Management;
Ms. Emily Attard BBA2080- Marketing Management;
Ms. Julia Tabone BBA2090- Human Resource Management;
Ms. Gabrielle Spiteri BBA2090- Management Information Systems;
Mr. Waqas Ali Shah BBA3180- International Human Resources, BBA3210- European Business, BBA3250- Innovation Management;
Mr. Luca Vella BBA0040- Applied Statistics for Business, SMb10067- Quantitative Methods, BBA0020- Accounting Principles and Practice;
Ms. Lorna Ciantar BBA0020- Accounting Principles and Practice;
Mr. Nico Fauser AC3093- Auditing and Assurance, BBA0030- Basics of Strategic Business Analysis and Management;
Ms. Jessica Tabone BBA1010- Management and the Modern Corporation;
Mr. Stephen Mintoff BBA0050,BBA0060- Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: Ms. Marica Agius FN1024- Introduction to Risk Management;
Ms. Nina Fauser SMb10062- Leadership in the 21st Century.


Mr. Samuel Grech CO1102- Mathematics for computing;
Mr. Noel Agius CO1108- Information systems: foundations of e-business;
Mr. Alexander Tanti CO1109- Introduction To Java And Object-Oriented Programming;
Mr. Malcolm Schembri CO1110-Introduction to computing and the internet
Mr. Simon Agius Muscat CO2209-Database systems, CO2226- Software Engineering, Algorithm, Design and Analysis, CO2227 — Creative Computing II: Interactive Multimedia;
Mr. John Sammut CO2220- Graphical Object-Oriented And Internet Programming In Java;
Mr. Mykyta Khilai CO2222- Data communications and enterprise networking; Mr. Steven Farrugia CO3320- Dissertation;
Mr. Michael Aquilina CO3311- Neural networks;
Mr. Daniel Cassar CO3318-Information systems management;
Mr. Massimo Saliba CO3325- Data compression, CO3355- Advanced Graphics and Animation.

The Bank of Valletta High Achievers Award

Bank of Valletta p.l.c. supports the Institute’s students through an award reserved for students who place first in the Business Entrepreneurship & Finance Department.

Mr Alan Micallef from Bank of Valletta p.l.c. presenting to Mr Luca Vella, first in Diploma in Finance

Mr Luca Vella has attained the top mark overall for the MQF Level 5 Diploma in Finance. Mr Vella received his award from Mr Alan Micallef from Bank of Valletta p.l.c.

Mr Alan Micallef presenting the Bank of Valletta p.l.c. award for the top achiever in Diploma in Entrepreneurship to Mr Stephen Mintoff

Mr Stephen Mintoff received his award as the first placed student overall for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship, an MQF level 5 diploma.

Entrepreneurship in Action

Students at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education are not just taught the academic subject in order to excel in their examinations but are also given the skills necessary to build their competences.

The Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Start Up Competition 2017

A team pf Diploma in Entrepreneurship students this year developed an Innovative system and an investment plan that saw them compete with very stiff and well prepared student teams from the University of Malta, but then went on to win the Junior Achievement Europe Enterprise Award in Helsinki! The students received a memento of this great achievement making a name for themselves, the Institute, JAYE and MALTA!

Nicole Cassar, Katryna Briffa, Erica Galea, Sam Hoiles, Stephen Mintoff — members of INTACT with Mr Julian Azzopardi, CEO of Junior Achievement Young Enterprise, Malta

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