Results are out

So now, what is the next step?

The Matsec results have been published and many Maltese families are pondering on the next phase of the child’s education. The decision is not easy because it should lead to a lifetime of secure income to meet the pressures and stresses that life brings with it.

Is attaining a quality degree a luxury or a must!

Anyone who stands to believe that an undergraduate degree is a waste of time and energy should be made to think twice. An undergraduate degree will induce students to a new world of learning. And with all the panic brought about by the powers of technology — where hundreds of jobs will disappear in less than a decade - it is important that youngsters realise that the most important skill is that of relearning many times over to remain employable during a whole lifetime.

Why choose Saint Martin’s Institute?

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, is a licensed awarding institution by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority and a Teaching Centre for the world renowned University of London. The main attributes of the Institute are;

Students get personal attention specific for their needs. Being in tertiary level does not mean students have to fend for themselves. At Saint Martin’s Institute students are not just numbers, but individuals, each with diversity and needs who need support to excel.

The curriculum and subsequent degree are awarded from one of the most famous and revered Universities globally. Everyone will recognise a University of London degree wherever you go in the world.

The admissions requirements are four ordinary levels, at SEC grades 1–5 (or equivalent for international students) including Mathematics and English which are compulsory.

Michela Camilleri had all the necessary qualifications to read for her degree at a State University but opted to register at Saint Martin’s Institute seeking the dedication and personal attention that is the hallmark of SMI.

Government incentives

The Government of Malta provides assistance to students to extend their education beyond compulsory education and attain a degree at Saint Martin’s, where students are not simply just numbers. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education provides students with the possibility to graduate in computing or business. And the Maltese Government will offer a no payment scheme whilst studying and income tax rebate of up to €16,000 for students who graduate from Saint Martin’s Institute, under the GetQualified Scheme.

No Monthly Payments of Tuition Fees

If tuition fees are the worry, the Maltese Government is ensuring that students who choose to read for their degree at SMI are able to do so, even if their families do not afford to pay the monthly tuition fees. Through this scheme, the student is provided with an unsecured and interest free loan to cover all the expenses, with a moratorium (no monthly payments) covering all the years of study.

Only 30% net cost after completion

Taking advantage of the GetQualified Scheme, that guarantees an income tax rebate of up 70% of the total cost to read for the degree at a private institution, the student or the parents/guardians may take advantage and receive their own paid annual income tax as a rebate. In other words, for every €10 spent in studying costs, the student ends up paying €3 from pocket, whilst the €7 is repaid income tax.

Stipends & maintenance grants

Students reading as full time students have the same rights as those attending state institutions in receiving monthly stipends and annual maintenance grants for each year of study. The scheme is known as the Malta Government Undergraduate Scheme.

These are the amounts payable as stipends & grants throughout the three years of a full-time degree course.
Jake Montebello chose Saint Martin’s Institute over any other institution, even though he was fully qualified with his Matriculation Certificate to be accepted by the State Institutions. Jake went on to read for his MSc at the University of Edinburgh.

Quality education — nothing less is acceptable!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a very special place, because rather than opting to examine its students, it prepares students to sit for examinations as set and corrected by the University of London examining boards. An Institute is assessed by how well (or badly) its students fare when assessed by independent examiners not when it marks its own students!

What parent would not choose the very best for a child?

Coincidentally, the exam results for our students, examined by the University of London examination panels have been published in the very same week as the Matsec results. Look at the impressive achievements — 21% of all examination papers scored a Distinction, whilst 37% a Merit — close to half the papers sat for attaining the top two grades! (these percentages are from 169 papers sat for by Saint Martin’s Institute students). And 60% of all graduates from SMI attaining a First or Second Class Upper Honours!


The Institute accepts a limited number of students every academic year, and on a first-come-first-served basis.

Give us a call on +356 21235451 or email us on or through our socials, and we will be more than happy to help you understand the career prospects offered at the Institute.

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