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“A December 2022 Eurobarometer survey, ‘Intra-EU Labour Mobility after the Pandemic’, focuses on intentions to emigrate among EU citizens, with the data gathered in the spring. This study showed that the Maltese are the third most likely to consider emigration for employment alongside the Swedes and Latvians, each at 30 per cent. The Finns top the chart at 39 per cent, with Slovaks second at 33 per cent.”

If you want to get ahead internationally, you need to have the sound preparation to compete with the very best …

Getting a good job overseas requires high qualifications and a wide variety of skills and competences that must surpass what home graduates already possess. There is no doubt that the reputation and ranking of the University conferring the degree will play an important role in opening global job opportunities that may remain unavailable to others.

What makes a good business school?


The first very important attribute is the accreditation of the school. This is a certification which ensures that the school meets certain quality standards set by an independent accrediting body. In Malta we do not have such accreditation bodies, except the necessary MFHEA licensing regime. A number of licensed institutions though, provide business degrees conferred by British Universities, and students are advised to investigate what accreditations the conferring University offers. Such accreditations portray the standards that the institution is set to follow.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a Teaching Institution for the University of London, offering the BSc (Hons) in Business & Management led by the London School of Economics & Political Science [LSE]

The department of business entrepreneurship and finance at Saint Martin’s Institute has been active in the teaching and supporting of students reading for business entrepreneurship, management and finance for the past twenty years as a teaching institution for the University of London. Maltese and international students who attend the Institute specifically to read for such business degrees led by the highly ranked London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and the Royal Holloway University of London, both member universities in the University of London federation.

The LSE is ranked second globally by QS in the business & management sector.

The Teaching Faculty

A close second in importance is the teaching faculty. A good business school needs to have a diverse, highly qualified faculty with expertise in their fields and the pedagogy of teaching. Saint Martin’s Institute is proud to have faculty members with advanced degrees, relevant business experience, and a strong record of research and publication, while very involved in their teaching vocation. At undergraduate level, it is important that the needs of the student body is given prominence over other aspects of academic life, and for this Saint Martin’s Institute has a proven track record of a student-centered methodology that gives very positive results.

The Curriculum

The third essential element is a comprehensive and current curriculum, covering essential areas of business-like finance, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, and strategy. Saint Martin’s Institute offers students the flexibility to specialize in areas that are sought after by employers. Hence following curricula that are developed through the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and Royal Holloway, University of London.

The intangible benefits of a business degree with the University of London

A good business school often has strong ties with the business community, providing students with networking opportunities and connections that can lead to job offers and internships. The institute prides itself in its organisation of an annual careers event to allow interested students to meet prospective employers from relevant industries. This results in internships and job opportunities for students during their summer break and after finishing their studies. Some students even venture overseas, through the Erasmus+ traineeship programme, where students receive financial support and attain work experience with an EU based firm.

Reading for a degree in business at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education guarantees a dedicated team of academics who are following a curriculum set by one of the top business institutions in the world, with a final degree conferred by the world renowned University of London.

Hands-on Learning Experiences

Business schools that provide hands-on learning experiences such as internships, co-op programs, case competitions, consulting projects, and study/work abroad opportunities often offer better preparation for the real business world through experiential learning. In today’s interconnected world, it is important for business schools to have a global focus with partnerships with international institutions, study abroad programs, and a curriculum that covers global business issues. Without any doubt, Saint Martin’s Institute is a leader in this aspect, supporting and mentoring student teams in participating … ?

One of the six participating student teams from SMI won the national Junior Achievement Start-Up Competition applying what they learnt in the lecture theatre into practical use and present in front of judging panels of top-entrepreneurs both in Malta and also in Europe.

Bridging Life at School with your Career

A good higher education institution knows that its role in society is to bridge school life to a career, and thus having a strong career services department that helps students find internships and job placements during their study period and after graduation is a big asset. High job placement rates and salaries upon graduation are positive indicators of the quality of the institution. Our successful alumni also indicate the quality of education and opportunities provided by Saint Martin’s Institute. Our alumni contribute to the school’s network, providing mentorship and job opportunities for current students.

Value for Money

The cost of the program compared to the potential return on investment is another important factor. At Saint Martin’s Institute you will be able to attain interest free support for your tuition fees under Studies+ and a 70% tax rebate upon completion which makes your contribution towards your studies very good value for money.


The Institute accepts a limited number of students every academic year, and on a first-come-first-served basis. You can apply CLICK HERE

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