Master of Laws (LLM)

Read for a Master of Laws conferred by the University of London under the academic direction of the two member institution — Queen Mary and UCL

The Master of Laws (LLM) offers the possibility for Maltese and international residents in Malta to read for their postgraduate degree with a possibility of 32 specialisations, whilst keeping their practice.

INVITATION to an Information Meeting on Wednesday 15th November 2017

Professor H. Xanthaki

LED: Professor Helen Xanthaki, LLB (Athens), MJur, PhD (Dunelm), SFHEA, Director, International Postgraduate Laws Programmes, University of London, President — International Association for Legislation, University College London Faculty of Laws, University College London

VENUE: The Library, Saint Martin’s Institute NEW BUILDING, Schembri Street, Hamrun

TIME: 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm

Career advancement for law graduates

Law students and professionals pursue the University of London LLM programme to gain expertise in a specialised field of law. Law firms tend to prefer job candidates with an LLM from a good University because it indicates that a lawyer has acquired advanced specialist legal training and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment.

Students need to read for three out of a total of four courses in any single specialisation from the list above or choose to read for a general LLM with all courses courses selected according to the wishes of the student.

Flexible Study Period

Students have between one and five years to complete the LLM, with examination sittings held twice annually in Malta.

Flexible Payment

Students do NOT need to pay in full at the start of the programme. Students are allowed to pay as they go, spreading the cost by paying for each new module they plan to sit for in turn.


To embark on an LLM the student must possess an LLB (Bachelor in Laws) from a reputable University. Many University of Malta students are reading for their LLM whilst still pursuing their LLD studies.

Study support and materials provided by UOL

To improve and aid your study experience, extensive study materials are provided including;

A comprehensive skills guide;

Textbooks provided for each course and Readers for most modules;

Study guides written and edited for learning purposes;

Annual recent developments keep you up to date with the law in the area you are studying;

Past exam papers and Examiners’ commentaries made available;

Handbook containing information and advice that is specific to your studies;

Regulations containing full details of syllabuses, programme structures and assessment;

More than 10 legal databases including Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw.


The total cost for the Master of Laws programme is of £9,345 (nine thousand, three hundred and forty five Pounds) which in Euro will amount to circa €10,280. These fees are payable per module at £570 (€627) per module and there are sixteen modules for the full LLM programme.

GetQualified Tax Rebate of 70%

For students who read for the University of London Master of Law programme, the GetQualified Tax Rebate scheme guarantees a rebate of 70%, that is €7196 paid back by Government as Income Tax rebate. This applies for ALL nationalities — the only condition is that the graduate is in employment in Malta.

This works as follows;

The student reads for the LLM and spends €10,280 as fees;

The student applies for the GetQualified scheme (this is not selective in any way, and the UOL LLM is already an approved programme);

After successful completion, the graduate will submit the Diploma supplement proving successful completion with the subsequent income tax return;

From this point onwards, any income tax paid is sent back by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue until the full 70% is repaid.

Parents or Guardians may take benefit of the GetQualified Scheme if they are paying fees on behalf of the student

And as from 2017, if a parent in employment is sponsoring the fees for their child’s studies, the parent/legal guardian may claim against his/her income tax upon completion of the LLM.

The University of London

Renowned for excellence in legal education, the University of London is both one of the largest and most respected academic institutions in the world. When joining the Postgraduate Laws programme, the student becomes part of an international community of high academic achievers whose affiliation with the University sets them apart.

A graduation ceremony in London’s Barbican of the University of London

The academic management for the programme is provided jointly by the Department of Law of Queen Mary University of London and the Faculty of Laws at UCL. Senior academics from the University of London and the UK plan the structure and content of the programme, develop and write study materials, compile the e-resources (with videocasts, online tutorials, and revision tutorials), set the examination papers and mark scripts.

Interested ?

Next step is to come and meet with us at the Library, Saint Martin’s Institute New Building, Schembri Street, Hamrun at 7:30pm this Wednesday, 15th November, 2017.

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