If you want to build a career in Marketing, join the #1 business school in Malta

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer. Any enterprise must keep the customer as the focus of its activities and at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education you will learn all there is to know about marketing, both from a theoretical perspective and also attain the necessary skill-set to develop marketing material for the wide diversity of communication channels available in today’s world.

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Marketing goes digital

An integrated marketing campaign requires skills and competences in the underlying theory & the ability to build communication material for the various channels of communication. You find everything you need at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Gone are the times where a marketer could focus on five channels — TV, radio, print, direct mail and bill-boards! In today’s cloud based society, consumers are widely spread on a multitude of technological platforms, with different segments of the potential market congregating in different areas of cyberspace. In the past two decades, the psychology and human behaviour have changed and thus triggering consumption has morphed into an unrecognisable science. Marketers needed to be flamboyant, extrovert and creative individuals, who were able to excite the market into action. One off events used to last for a number of consumption cycles — but not anymore!

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The funnel

The marketer is mostly involved in the awareness aspect of the cycle, using the large number of channels with the intention of developing brand equity through recognition, and ascertaining that all information about the benefits of the product are readily available for the instant the consumer clicks onto the brand!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education provides two pathways for those interested in a Marketing career.

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The BSc (Hons) Business Administration with Marketing

Students are offered study units in Accounting, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, eBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Information Systems Management, Innovation, Leadership, Management of a Modern Corporation, Market Research, Marketing, Statistics, and Strategic Management.

The BSc (Hons) in Computing with Marketing

Students are offered study units in Advertising, Computing Architecture, Consumer Behaviour, Data Mining and Warehousing, Digital Marketing, eBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Front -End Web Development, Information Systems Management, Innovation, Intelligent Systems, Market Research, Marketing, Mobile Interaction, Programming in Object Oriented Programming, Search Engine Optimisation, Securing data, Statistics, and Strategic Management.

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Building your Portfolio

Students at SMI producing a commercial with a green screen background for further CGI development
The Use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in marketing, using equipment such as the Oculus Rift is available for students to try their hands at leading edge technology

Employers are becoming exigent on students holistic competences. It is not enough to show glowing marks in exams, and a high classification from a world renowned University of London. Employers need to know what YOU can do, and this is why, at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, we have developed higher education programmes that ascertain that you have all the academic knowledge, know how to use it — and have tangible proof to show for your efforts!

The hard work referred to by the Minister of Education & Employment Everist Bartolo, is the fact that we help you build your portfolio, and not simply assess you through written exams only. Saint Martin’s Institute runs its programmes on the Delors Four Pillars, ‘to know, to do, to be and to work with others’.

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Just €100 / month covers tuition at Saint Martin’s

We fully appreciate that everyone tries for the best, but we also understand that there are financial and time constraints and limitations. We try very, very hard to make our services available to as wide a spectrum of individuals as possible. Your parents/guardians (or yourself if you are already in employment and studying as an evening student) will benefit from assistance through the GetQualified Scheme, where as employees they will benefit from a 70% income tax rebate as you qualify from the different qualifications, and our SMIFlexiPay™ that will allow them easy payments of €100 per month — we believe that we have the very best package on the Islands. The tuition fees being charged average to €10 per hour — a rate that is normally the private lessons rate charged at secondary level in Malta!

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Stipends & Maintenance Grants

On the left is the sum paid to students reading for Commerce, whilst on the right is the stipends and grants paid to students reading for a qualification in Computing.


Don’t delay your studies — repeating and gap years get you nowhere. You can keep going forward with SMI, even if for a year long Diploma that you may wish to use to move to another Institution of your choice.

Entry requirements

Four ordinary levels, including mathematics and English and any other two subjects will get you started on any of the two pathways, and if you study as a full time student, you will graduate over three academic years (evening study opportunities available too)!

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You now need to decide, one way or the other! If you think we are not the right partner for your education, then move on, but we are confident due to the achievements as an Affiliate of the University of London since 2000 (yes 18 years and 700+ graduates later) and if you really think we can help develop your competences, then Click Here! The time to act is now!

If you wish to have further information, please call us on +356 21235451 (8am to 4:30pm) or email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu for an appointment. Vacancies are limited, and once the class complement is full, the qualification is closed.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail: infodesk@stmartins.edu

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