Managing in Challenging Times

There is nowhere to hide. Nowhere that the virus has not already been. No strategy that holds for longer than hours! Normality is gone, and so have all the studies and benchmarks that guide business!

Every decision one has to take, opens up in a multitude of questions. Try and resolve one, and instead it multiplies again into more questions!

No one ever imagined that the world will be brought down on its knees by a simple influenza virus. The peoples of the world and their governments are struck by a calamity that is leaving millions infected, dead and economies in tatters. This pandemic fanned by the need for economies to function is pinpointing how ill-prepared countries’ health systems are to tackle such occurrences, with policy-makers caught totally unawares and countries’ administrations in total disarray. Why?

Covid-19 is a variant of the Influenza virus that has travelled the world over in the span of a few weeks leaving the world’s population struggling.

The Lack of Good Management Skills

Confused messages result from a lack of belief in the necessity of a good management philosophy. Everyone believes that managing is common sense, and a set of skills common to everyone. This fallacy comes from instances where specialists in particular fields of medicine, engineering, politics and finance are promoted to their level of incompetence. They will have ground breaking knowledge about their specialisations, but lack the management skills necessary to take on stringent leadership roles.

Strife molds the best leaders

The most exemplary leaders have been molded during the most terrible and trying of times. Individuals such as Gandhi, Malala, Mandela, and many many others seized the opportunity to instill radically positive changes into their immediate surroundings, albeit the fact that such measures were detrimental to their own well-being.

Gandhi, Mandela & Malala suffered humiliation, imprisonment and life threatening injuries to instill change.

So what will prepare a really good individual to managerial stardom?

Mintzberg highlights that true managers are making continuous decisions on the spot, sometimes harried and harassed by conflicting demands, with necessary decisions undertaken under the duress of time. A manager is able to foresee events, and take the correct mitigating actions to take on such events — be they positive or negative occurrences that may affect the organisation.

Our focus is on sound managerial skills and competences, providing a syllabus from one of the world’s top social sciences universities, the London School of Economics & Political Sciences (LSE).

Diploma in Management & Leadership

The MQF level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership is equivalent to the first year of the degree with 60 ECTS. Some students may wish to study up to this level, needing such a qualification to prove to their employers their ability to be promoted to middle or senior management, since they will have other competences in their specialist fields.

BSc (Hons) in Business & Management

The BSc (Hons) Business and Management programme empowers you to examine contemporary business issues analytically and critically. You will learn how to question and evaluate information, develop informed arguments, and communicate effectively with various stakeholders.

BSc (Hons) Business Administration

For those students who are not friendly with mathematics, the BSc (Hons) Business Administration offers a superb alternative to the above degree, since it has more of an applied nature, referring to case studies and requirement of reports as assignments. Progression to this degree is either through the MQF level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership or through the Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

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Easy Monthly Payment Terms & 70% Money Back on Successful Completion

Embarking on your studies need not bankrupt you. We at Saint Martin’s Institute know full well that money does not come easy, and we are very careful to charge fair and reasonable tuition fees, that will cover our costs in giving you the very best service possible.

You may study without paying a single Euro in tuition fees under the Studies Plus+ Scheme and through the GetQualified Scheme you will end up paying only 30% of all the fees due.

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