Living, Studying & Working in Malta

Baihui Zhang (centre) during her graduation in 2015 for Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Baihui Zhang during the University of London graduation ceremony

Working in Malta

International students, even those coming from non-EU Countries are welcomed to study and encouraged to find employment with Maltese firms. Obviously, the type of job and position, relies mostly on the aptitude of the individual, and how much they put into their studies. But, graduates such as Baihui Zhang, not only overcame her barriers to learn English and be able to read for a degree with a British University that allows no quarters in the use of English language skills in examination scripts, but also has managed to secure good employment that is giving her very useful experience in a multi-national audit firm. If Ms Zhang ever decides to leave Malta for her homeland, her degree and experience will surely open doors for her in Corporate China.

University of London Degrees

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education happily welcomed its first Chinese student in 2004, and since then the community of students from China studying at Saint Martin’s has been consistently the largest contingent of international students. We wish to invite more students to take up our offer and join our programmes to read for University of London degrees at our institution. The combination of very high level of education taught in English, the mild climate of the Island, general safety for students and the low cost makes reading for a degree of the University of London extremely good value for money.

Automatic Progression to the Second Year of a University of London Degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Successful completion of any of these diplomas will automatically promote a student to read a degree over two academic years of the University of London in the following fields of study;


Your tuition fees for the three years amounts to €26,000 in total or around €8,600 per year. In addition you would need €900 per month for accommodation and living expenses.


Applications may be made direct with Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education through email



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