An Excellent Education

Does not need to cost the world!

Francesca Ferrera knew all the choices available to her, and chose to read for a University of London degree to give her wider opportunities outside of the confines of Malta or her homeland the Philippines.

The lecturers are exceptional …

This is the most important element at every level of education. Many seem to believe that when their children get older, this factor loses in its importance. The reality is that the quality and character of the academic staff in a university is what makes or breaks a student.

The academic standards achieved at Saint Martin’s Institute are determined by the stringent requirements of an internationally recognised and renowned university. The academic achievements of the Institute’s University of London graduates are stellar. This shows the very high calibre of teaching that is a well-known fact throughout the Island. The Institute hires academics on a full-time basis, at considerable expense, specifically to ascertain a 100% commitment towards the students. Saint Martin’s does not rely on a department of part-time tutors whose time reserved for the student is the hour or so during the lecture, only. Learning is happening all the time at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.

61% of last year’s University of London graduates attained a classification of First-Class Honours and Second-Class Upper Honours opening wide open their potential to read for their postgraduate Master degree from the very top Universities in the world that demand only such classifications from reputable Universities. Nearly two thirds of SMI’s University of London graduates!
Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a Teaching Centre for the University of London since 2020.

Top class university education need not cost the world!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education does not discriminate between Maltese and Third Country Nationals, and charge all students, whatever their nationality the same full-time tuition fees. And through the GetQualified scheme, all students (or their parents if tax payers in Malta), will benefit from a 70% tax credit on their education expenses.

Join the Class of 2022

Full-time tuition fees at Saint Martin’s Institute for Maltese residents are paid monthly with nine consecutive payments each of €650 totaling €5,840 per academic year, with an income tax rebate of €4,088 resulting in a net cost of €1,752 for each of the three academic years of excellent tuition. It must be said that full-time students at Saint Martin’s Institute have 448 hours of face to face lectures throughout the academic year, when the authorities (MFHEA) advise 300 hours of face to face tuition as a minimum.

Maltese and long-term residents may also qualify for the Studies plus scheme, that is a study free of tuition fees and pay the 30% later scheme.

Francesca graduated this year, 2022 and aims to finish her BSc (Hons) in Business Administration by 2024.


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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a Teaching Centre for the University of London, and has been operating uninterruptedly in Malta since 2000 with exceptional results attained by students.
If you wish to visit us, our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30pm and Friday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Address: Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, the New Building, 116, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1556 Phone us on +356 2123 5451 email us on



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