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Many authors and researchers believe that entrepreneurs are born with an inherent ability and drive towards setting up a business enterprise. Others believe that entrepreneurs follow a disciplined strategy in attaining inspiration and validating ideas through market appraisal and feasibility studies. At Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, we have developed our Diploma in Entrepreneurship (MQF Level 5) specifically to offer our students every opportunity to learn the rigour and excitement of entrepreneurship minimising risk, and in the process ignite the entrepreneurial spark that may be hidden deep inside.

Doing what you learn

A modern educational institution is not only expected to teach students the academic aspects of the different facets of entrepreneurship, but must also offer the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and competences that enable a student to perform tasks, rather than simply know of the existence of theories and academic work but cannot apply them in real life situations.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education follows the four pillars of education as presented by the Delors Commission. These are;

learning to know,

learning to do,

learning to live together and

learning to be.

Students reading for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship are exposed to these four pillars, through the pioneering work carried out by the Institute to integrate the JAYE (Malta) Start-Up Competition to the qualification’s learning outcomes. Students who successfully complete the full cycle for the competition gain up to 10 European Credits over and above the 60 ECTS earmarked for their academic success.

The syllabus of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship consists of the following subjects;

SMb10056 Management and the Modern Corporation;

SMb10060 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship;

SMb10062 Leadership in the 21st Century;

SMb10068 Applied Statistics for Business;

SMb10070 Basics of Strategic Business Analysis & Decision Making;

SMb10071 Accounting Principles & Practice.

For a full prospectus of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship click here.

The Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Start-Up Competition

Students at Saint Martin’s reading for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship are expected to join other students and set up a team of four to six students. This immediately sets into motion a very important aspect in education — building the ability of the individual student to work in a team. Belbin’s team roles are exposed through real life issues, and students are prepared for the realities of corporate life.

Teams are expected to come up with an innovative idea/s, and test these through a detailed SWOT, market appraisal via market research, and general feasibility through investigating and wherever possible building a prototype, and investigating the sourcing of raw materials and the financing aspect. All this requires a very steep learning curve, because students will be in parallel learning all about setting and registering a limited liability company, how to focus on innovation using different tools such as the Business Model Canvas, designing and analysing a survey and carrying out secondary research using statistical knowledge they would be studying in the classroom. The teams are expected to know how to develop a three year financial forecast, break even analysis and what is required to market the product from inception of the idea, to the subsequent launch and growth of the product market share.

The competition acts to set up parameters for the student teams, and whilst the possibility of winning is a driving force, the actual completion of the full competition cycle is a great learning curve in itself.

INTACT, a Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education JAYE (Malta) Start-Up Competition 2017 winner goes on to win the Junior Achievement Europe Enterprise Challenge 2017

The standard achieved by Saint Martin’s Institute student teams can be measured through competing with other student teams from other educational institutions. The litmus test came when INTACT won the JAYE (Malta) Start-Up Competition for 2017, competing against teams from the University of Malta and MCAST, and went on to represent Malta in the Junior Achievement Europe Enterprise Challenge and won the coveted FIRST among 18 other postgraduate student teams from European Universities. This exquisite experience illustrated beyond any shadow of doubt, the preparedness of first year undergraduate students even when challenged by much older international competitors.

Follow the INTACT story click here

Dream Time in Helsinki #StartMyInspiration #ValuED #SMI

JAYE (Malta) Start-Up Competition 2018

For this year’s competition, Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has six teams each developing an original and innovative idea into a product that may be perceived by prospective consumers as of benefit. Following is a short introduction of each team listed in alphabetical order. Follow all teams by liking their respective Facebook page.

If you want to know more about JAYE (Malta) Foundation click here


Celuna aims at developing an APP with embedded gamification and AI elements to assist students in their studies and encourage students to develop good time management skills, and minimise procrastination and last minute cramming. The Ninja has been selected as the theme for the APP, and the game involves students playing as a Ninja, and based upon the amount of study they actually do, their Ninja will collect powers and tools to advance in the game. Follow CELUNA on Facebook @CelunaApp

Celuna Team members January 2018, Saint Martin’s Institute students Nader Toutoungi, Luke Baldacchino, Cecilia Mzayek #StartMyInspiration


In this past week alone, two divers found themselves in dire circumstances in Maltese waters and died. The Divesafe team, whilst not able to eliminate deaths under water, are determined to use technology to provide forewarning of trouble and minimise the time it takes to inform rescuers of a diver in trouble.

Like @Divesafe and follow their progress in saving lives.

The Facebook commercial developed by the DiveSafe Team #StartMyInspiration


Rich individuals and stars are used to have a personal buyer, who checks all the shops and retail outlets to select what is adequate for his/her employer and offers a reduced choice of adequate items.

eCommerce has made purchasing very comfortable for a lot of people, but many forget that in some Countries, it is impossible to access and receive goods from, for example.

JINN, inspired by the Genie granting three wishes, is an online buying and delivery service. A client will connect to a personal buyer from JINN who then selects and offers a selection to the customer for the final purchase. Delivery will be to the JINN depot, and JINN will then courier the goods to their customer anywhere in the world.

If you want the Genie to grant you your dream purchases, rub a lamp!

The Facebook commercial developed by the JINN team #StartMyInspiration


A team of six students who simply cannot bear experiencing animals being treated badly. Clad in their vivid orange these animal worriers plan to set up a portal that will offer information on Vets, Pet-shops, groomers, kennels and trainers with advertising opportunities to raise income. Further revenue will be generated through a Pet Food Club with delivery of pet food and consumables on a weekly basis. The student team will develop a social enterprise, with 90% of all profits churned as donations to animal rescue centres and sanctuaries that are always in dire need of funds and volunteers. Pawsome will also offer an adoption information service to try and find families who may adopt an abandoned pet.

Follow Pawsome by liking their Facebook Page @givingahelpingpaw

The Pawsome team have their social responsibility at heart and developed this touching video #StartMyInspiration


The God of the Sun in Egyptian history has inspired this team to get innovative and develop a car windshield sunshade which does more than just block infra red rays from entering the cabin of a car parked in the blazing sun. the team RA have developed a prototype shield that absorbs the sun light and through the energy run a small 12V air-conditioning unit to keep the temperature in a car as constant as possible. Team RA have plans to approach automobile brands to include the patented system as an charge to the auto battery, and thus use the autos climate control mechanism to keep the car’s interior comfortable.

Follow RA

RA team were inspired by the many cars in Malta using sun shades and came out with a fantastic concept top harness the power of the sun to protect the car’s interior. This is their video commercial. #StartMyInspiration


A major problem that is becoming more pronounced is the issue of food allergies in Europe and the USA especially. The five team members of Uncover decided to tackle this problem head-on by developing a device that may be connected to a smart phone that will scan food at restaurants, school canteens, food trucks and other places where freshly prepared food is consumed, to check for the most common ingredients that cause allergies. The device will detect nuts, lactose and grains — the three most deadly ingredients foe people who suffer from such allergies.

Uncover are after a technological solution to the ever increasing problem of food allergies. This is their Facebook video commercial #StartMyInspiration

The name uncover specifically intends to uncover all the secret ingredients included in the food that is prepared for our consumption.

Especially parents of young children worry that their child may consume food that may cause serious illness that may even lead to death. Uncover will assist to put parents’ mind at rest.

Students develop their brand character and learn how to build the artefacts that reflect their brand position in the market.

Follow Uncover by liking their Facebook page on @Uncover

Are you ready to be GREAT?

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The Diploma in Entrepreneurship is accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) at MQF Level 5 with 60 ECTS and equivalent to a first year of a degree.

Students may read for this diploma either on a full time basis over a single academic year, or as an evening student, spread over two academic years.

Competences gained from this Diploma are not just academic but students are able to gain the skills necessary to set up and run their own start-up business.

Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Entrepreneurship may choose to pursue their studies over a further two years, reading for the BSc (Hons) Business Administration with International Business, conferred by the University of London.

Applications are now open.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education accepts students with a minimum age of 16 years and with four ordinary sec passes including Mathematics and English.

Students receive stipends and maintenance grants under the MGUS scheme.

The Institute accepts a maximum of 40 students every year for this Diploma in Entrepreneurship to guarantee the personal attention for each student, and thus an early application is recommended. Acceptance is on a first come first served.

Tuition Fees may be paid at €100 per month under the SMIFlexiPay™ (some terms and conditions apply) Click Here for details.

You may contact us on +356 2123 5451or



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