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you can study for a University of London degree under the academic direction of the LSE in Malta?

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education offers students the option to read for a University of London undergraduate degree academically directed by London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). This is ideal for students who wish to study in London, but are unable to travel or relocate, for whatever reason. Students can study subjects in which the LSE are renowned for including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance & Management.

QS World University Rankings for Social Sciences and Management has ranked the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) at the very top in Europe, and ranking second worldwide.

QS World University Ranking ranks the LSE second world-wide and uses academic and employer reputation, as well as peer reviewed research paper citations to conclude the standing of each University. [Read More] The Times Higher Education World Ranking for 2021 ranks the LSE 4th in the UK & 27th globally in business & management.
Professor Paul Kelly, Dean of EMFSS Programmes and Professor in the Department of Government highlights the benefits of reading for a University of London qualification with academic direction by LSE with the support from a teaching centre [Read More]

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a recognised teaching centre for the University of London in Malta, offering tuition for undergraduate degrees that are under the academic direction of the LSE. Your degree certificate will indicate that you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree, and gives the name of the LSE as the member institution that developed the syllabus and provided assessment.

According to study.eu, students ranked the UK as the #1 in quality of education and the very bottom in affordability. You will have the very best of both at SMI in Malta, a degree examined by the #1 in Europe social sciences and management English University — the LSE, at a cost that beats even the most affordable European Country — Poland.

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The Government of Malta offers graduates, irrespective of their nationality, the opportunity to recoup 70% (€16,000) of their tuition costs if they are gainfully employed in Malta for some years after their graduation. The tax rebate granted to successful students (or their parents if domiciled in Malta) is the Get Qualified Scheme [Read Guidelines Here]

This table illustrates the fees payable to read for an undergraduate degree at SMI (applicable 2021–22) with the additional UoL fees, netted to 30% after the Get Qualified Tax Rebate is attained, irrespective of nationality of the student. If parents or guardians are domiciled in Malta, the tax rebates may be enjoyed by the parents/guardians. Check the LSE tuition fees as a comparison [Click Here]

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Whilst SMI is responsible for your preparation to successfully read for your undergraduate degree, the syllabus and examining of students remains the responsibility of the LSE examining boards. The Final Certificate indicates that you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree.

Quality education relies on dedicated academic staff who are motivated in their vocation to assist students in their journey towards learning. The Institute boasts faculty that have proven itself, year after year, of its knowledge, dedication and commitment towards the students’ achievements.

Low tuition fees does not mean low quality education. 84% of all papers sat for by SMI students that are marked by the UOL examination boards were successful in 2019, with nearly 50% of graduates achieving a first class or second upper class honours degree conferred by the University of London. Quality at a Low cost means Value for Money.

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Live in a multicultural island full of promise, offering the right mix of study, fun and adventure throughout the days spent as an undergraduate student.

According to the Study.EU students rank these three main elements of equal importance when deciding on their international studies;

Quality Education — with the UK ranked as the top European destination for quality education;

Cost of tuition — Poland achieving the highest rank at €7,000 per annum;

Life and career — the UK tops the ranks, but in all four elements, Malta is in the same ranking as the UK.

A degree conferred by the University of London under the academic direction of the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), ranked #1 in social sciences in Europe by QS World University Ranking, at an annual tuition fee of €7,700 per annum, reduced to an equivalent of €2,326 after the GetQualified Tax Rebate, and living in an English Speaking Country ranked just three places below the UK in the UN world happiness index with the second lowest unemployment in the whole of the EU, and the lowest per capita crime rate.

No wonder so many SMI international students have decided to stay for good …

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You may choose from a wide variety of fields of study. Check our prospectus for Commerce to join some of the most highly demanded career fields in Malta and overseas!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, a Recognised Teaching Centre for the University of London, will provide you with tuition that will lead you to an accredited degree, conferred by the world renowned University of London, by attending classes in Hamrun, Malta.

The Institute is renowned for its student centred-pedagogy that has resulted in very high classifications as examined by the examining boards of the University of London member institutions who have academic leadership of the degrees taught at Saint Martin’s Institute. At Saint Martin’s Institute students are #NotJustANumber

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If you wish to have a one to one chat with regard to your choice of qualification, you may complete this online contact form call us on +356 2123 5451 for an appointment, or communicate with us through our website or Facebook or email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu

If you are already convinced that you want to join us for the upcoming academic year, then just complete this Application Form and email it to us on infodesk@stmartins.edu

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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the MFHEA with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute New Building, 116, Joe Sciberras Street, Hamrun HMR 1557 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail: infodesk@stmartins.edu
Watch this series of short videos that highlight the relationship between SMI, the LSE & UOL.



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