Certified Information Systems Auditor

In today’s fast-paced and ever-more complex business environment, information has become the most valuable currency for enterprises around the globe. Information systems professionals play vital roles in leveraging the value, and assuring the security and integrity of the massive volumes of information that drive business. For those professionals and the enterprises they serve the world over, the CISA® — Certified Information Systems Auditor® — is recognized as proof of competency and experience in providing assurance that critical business assets are secured and available.

The CISA® designation is a globally recognized certification for IS audit control, assurance and security professionals. Being CISA® certified showcases your audit experience, skills and knowledge, and demonstrates you are capable to assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance and institute controls within the enterprise.

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A Successful Career

Organizations all around the world are recruiting employees who can take a comprehensive view of information systems and their relationship to organizational and business success. For some business and governmental agencies, CISA® is even a prerequisite for information systems and information technology roles. CISA® has become world-renowned as the standard of achievement for over 100,000 certified individuals who assess an organization’s information technology and business systems and provide assurance on their availability and sustainability.

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Having a CISA® certification on your resume/CV makes you quickly identifiable to employers as a highly qualified, experienced professional which requires real-world, hands-on work experience in addition to the achievement of passing a comprehensive exam.

CISA® demonstrates that you have gained and maintained the level of knowledge required to meet the dynamic challenges of a modern enterprise.

CISA® is proof not only of competency in IT controls, but also your understanding of how IT relates to business.

CISA® holders are consistently recognized among the most-qualified professionals in the fields of IS auditing, control and security.

Who can apply?

The CISA programme attracts mostly individuals who have read an undergraduate degree mostly in the fields of Computing, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Information Systems & Management.


Membership Fees: $215.00 (payable to ISACA before the start of the programme and euro equivalent depends on the exchange rate when payment is effected)

Tuition Fees: €1350.00 (payable to SMI in full before the start of the programme — the Institute accepts requests for three equal payments where a sponsoring firm is not meeting the tuition fees)

Examination Fees: $575.00 (payable by the student)

Get Qualified Incentive Scheme

Upon successful completion, students will benefit from a 70% tax credit amounting to €1495 thus recovering a substantial part of all the costs incurred.

The net cost for the student will be of €641!

Further details visit; https://www.maltaenterprise.com/support/get-qualified-2014-2020


Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education reserves the right to cancel the course if a minimum number of students do not register for the course.

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CISA exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, given during a four-hour session, that cover the five job practice domains created from the most recent CISA job practice analysis. The practice domains and percentages below indicate the emphasis of questions that will appear on the exam. The job practice analysis was developed and validated using prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts and industry practitioners.

Job Practice Domains

1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems (21%) Provide audit services in accordance with IT audit standards to assist the organization with protecting and controlling information systems.

2. Governance and Management of IT (16%) Provide assurance that the necessary leadership and organizational structures and processes are in place to achieve objectives and to support the organization’s strategy.

3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (18%) Provide assurance that the practices for the acquisition, development, testing, and implementation of information systems meet the organization’s strategies and objectives.

4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management (20%) Provide assurance that the processes for information systems operations, maintenance and support meet the organization’s strategies and objectives.

5. Protection of Information Assets (25%) Provide assurance that the organization’s security policies, standards, procedures and controls ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.


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Further Information

For further information regarding this programme, please check out our prospectus on https://issuu.com/stmartinsedu/docs/cisa and contact us on telephone number 21235451 or e-mail infodesk@stmartins.edu.

The Institute

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is licensed by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education (NCFHE) and is an Affiliate Institution of the University of London. As an awarding body, Saint Martin’s Institute has been audited in 2017 by the NCFHE and found to have surpassed expectations in Student Centered Learning.

This prestigious attainment is proof of the years of effort in the pedagogy of teaching at higher education, testament of which are the many students who have excelled in their studies and went on to pursue careers in industry and academia, both in Malta and overseas.

The Department of Computing

The Department of Computing at Saint Martin’s Institute has been established in 1985 and is involved in preparing hundreds of students who read for the University of London BSc (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems or BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing with a very high rate of first class honours attainment over these past years.

A graduation ceremony of the University of London at the Barbican, London

The Institute also awards MQF Level 5 Diploma in Computing and offers students the option to choose specialisations for this Diploma in areas such as Information Systems, User Experience, Games Design & Development, Web Development, eBusiness & Digital Marketing and Fintech.

Next Step

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