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We pride ourselves, at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, to be a leader in introducing fields of study that are in high demand, both nationally as well as internationally. The BSc (Hons) Business Administration with International Business is such a degree, that provides opportunities for graduates to embark on an entrepreneurial career with international dimensions.

The BSc (Hons) Business Administration with International Business is a three year MQF level 6 degree that is excellent for ambitious students who want to participate in the world of business & commerce. It is conferred by the world renowned University of London, and under the leadership of the Royal Holloway Business School.

This degree covers the main four pillars of managing a business enterprise — human resources, marketing, operations management and strategic management with substantial elements of internationalisation. These four pillars establish the foundations of any business. Even if a graduate from this degree decides to build a career in Malta, which successful organisation is not looking at expanding its markets to the global value chain, and has a multi-cultural work-force?

According to the most recent Research Excellence Framework, Royal Holloway is among the top 25% of UK universities for research. They rate the university as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent.

On the other hand a substantial percentage of Maltese young people dream of working overseas, and this degree prepares for a career with any enterprise anywhere in the world!

Student Centred Pedagogy

The Institute has built a reputation on quality education that is centred around each student’s academic needs, because not everyone learns in the same way. Full-time faculty dedicate time and effort to assist students in every aspect of their studies, recognised by the MFHEA in two consecutive audits findings of surpassing the standard in student-centred learning.


Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, licensed by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, offers an MQF Level 6 BSc (Hons) degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in International Business, conferred by the University of London over a study period of three academic years.

The programme of study includes the following courses.
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Year ONE

Management and the Modern Corporation (8 ECTS)
This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of modern management theory.

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (15 ECTS)
This course is one of the core study units that introduces the principles behind founding a business in Malta and overseas.

Leadership in the 21st Century (8 ECTS)
This course aims to introduce students to the key issues and concerns of leadership and leadership studies.

Applied Statistics for Business (8 ECTS)
This course will provide students with a tool kit of skills necessary to conduct proper market research.

Strategic Business Analysis & Decision Making (8 ECTS)
This course will enable students to understand the dynamics of the business world and identify the strategic thinking behind the most successful companies.

Accounting Principles and Practice (15 ECTS)
This course aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn and grasp the basic accounting and finance tools required to start up a business.

Year TWO

Employability (8 ECTS)

The course examines influences on career development and the key trends in employee management.

Human Resource Management (8 ECTS)

This course will provide an understanding and critical analysis of the main HRM concepts and models.

Strategic Management (8 ECTS)

The course focuses on the theory of corporate and business strategy and the changing context in which strategy is formulated and implemented.

Accounting (8 ECTS)

The course covers technical and non-technical aspects of management accounting, focusing on the role it plays in improving organisational performance.

Operations Management (8 ECTS)

The course examines different approaches to the operations and facility design to meet the strategic aims of the firm and their impact on efficiencies and effectiveness in its performance.

Marketing Management (8 ECTS)

This course will introduce marketing as a strategic tool, equipping students with a broad knowledge of strategic marketing and a demonstrable range of analytical marketing skills.

Global Economy (8 ECTS)

The course will provide an understanding of what drives companies to internationalise in light of the growth and development of theg lobal economy.

Multinational Enterprise (8 ECTS)

Students will gain an understanding of the magnitude and significance of global economic forces and processes for national economies, and the development of multinational enterprises.


Integrating Management (8 ECTS)

This course will increase students’ understanding of the opportunities and challenges that arise from the external business context.

Managing Innovation (8 ECTS)

Students will be expected to reflect on the leadership and innovation challenges in contemporary organisations.

European Business (8 ECTS)

This course examines European Business with specific attention to the key institutions, policies and processes involved in the widening and deepening of the union, including the implications for businesses and consumers.

International Competition (8 ECTS)

This course highlights the aspects of international trade and competitive factors of nations in order to generate wealth through economic activity.

Emerging Markets (8 ECTS)

The course examines emerging markets’ commercial realities and national cultures within the context of a global economy, providing students with the necessary analytical skills to assess emerging markets for potential entry.

Asia Pacific Business (8 ECTS)

This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges that multinationals face when doing business and investing in Asia Pacific markets and provide a firm grounding in the contemporary economic, political, and cultural contexts.

Brands & Branding (8 ECTS)

Understanding the nature of brands and branding is not only critical for understanding the marketing environment, but also the nature of the consumers.

Advertising and Promotion (8 ECTS)

This course offers an integrated understanding of advertising and promotion from both a managerial and a cultural perspective.

Entrance Requirements

The entrance requirements for this programme is of four ordinary level passes (or equivalent) including Mathematics and English with a minimum age of 16 years old. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education will also consider students who are 21 years or over to qualify under the maturity clause.


Graduating from the BSc (Hons) Business Administration in International Business an excellent qualification to progress to an MQF level 7 degree at Master Level with highly ranked Universities world-wide.

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