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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a private institution that offers you an opportunity to read for a University of London degree with NO TUITION FEES under the Studies Plus Scheme, that will provide you with an interest free loan that requires no monthly payments during your study years.

After you graduate, and in employment, you will be asked to make monthly payments as a loan repayment BUT, you will also start receiving your income tax contributions as tax rebate under the GetQualified Scheme of up to €16,000 (70% of all your expenses for your full time studies).

Your world-renowned University of London degree that will distinguish your career will have cost you €7,000 net.

This 100 sec video explains how you get your 70% expenses as an income tax rebate.

Tuition fees at Saint Martin’s Institute are paid in monthly payments spread over the academic year.

…and if your parent/guardian is in employment in Malta, and pays your tuition fees, s/he may avail of the GetQualified Scheme to attain the €16,000 (70%) income tax whilst you are still studying.

A British Degree read at SMI provides high quality at a cheap price — Best VALUE for MONEY

This table illustrates all tuition fees payable by Full Time students reading for their degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. The fees shown are divided in equal payments payable in advance by the 10th of each month. Students pursuing a University of London degree will need to pay £4,544 in university fees directly to the University of London divided over the second and third years of the programme. If you wish to know the tuition fees payable as an evening student, [click here]

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StudiesPlus+ Scheme

The Studies Plus+™Scheme works out through a special Bank of Valletta interest free fund available to Saint Martin’s Institute registered students. The fund will settle all the tuition fees that are usually payable over three academic years whilst reading for your degree, without asking you for repayments until after you finish with your studies. In addition, you will still qualify for a 70% tax rebate (maximum €16,000) through the GetQualified scheme when you are eventually in employment (This scheme works for both full-time or evening students).

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Eligibility criteria for the Studies+ Plus Scheme

The student’s nationality/citizenship/residency status must meet one of the following criteria;

(a) Is a Maltese citizen; OR

(b) Is a citizen of an EU/EEA Member State or a family member of such an EU/EEA national (as defined in ), provided that such person has obtained permanent residence in Malta in accordance with (Subsidiary Legislation) SL 460.17 and SL 217.04 respectively; OR

(c) Is a national of an EU/EEA Member State who is in Malta exercising his/her Treaty rights as an employee, self-employed person or person retaining such status in accordance with SL 460.17; OR

(d) Is a third country national that has been granted long-term residence status under SL 217.05.

GetQualified Scheme

Up to €16,000 (70%) of the expenses are paid as income tax rebate

Even if you opt to pay tuition fees from your own savings rather than avail yourself of the StudiesPlus+ loan, you will be eligible for the GetQualified scheme of €16,000 (70% of all your expenses for your studies) income tax rebate, when you are eventually in employment (or if already in employment and studying part-time, you will benefit as soon as you finish every stage of your qualification).

Tuition paid by parents/guardians

Can your parents imagine receiving back, from Government, the income tax, payable at the end of each year? That’s how the GetQualified Scheme works. A parent pays the full tuition fees, registers the expense under the GetQualified Scheme and sends a full statement with the Annual Income Tax return — and at the end of the year, the full income tax paid in the previous year is received in full — and this continues until a maximum of €16,000 in income tax is received as a cashable cheuque.

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Stipends & Maintenance Grants

If you study on full time basis, you will also benefit from stipends and maintenance grants under the Malta Government Undergraduate Scheme (MGUS), if you have been a resident in Malta for the past five years. This means that you will get a grant at the beginning of each academic year, and a monthly stipend throughout the nine-month academic year.

University of London fees

If you are reading for an University of London degree, some fees need to be paid directly to the University of London that include registration and examination fees in addition to the tuition fees payable to Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. The University of London fees are also eligible for both Studies Plus + and the GetQualified tax rebate scheme.


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