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On October 3rd, The Malta Development Bank signed an agreement with Bank of Valletta plc thus offering €5.5 million in funds to offer as interest free loans to students who wish to study at MQF level 5 Diploma to MQF level 8 Doctorate. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is pleased to offer students the opportunity to study for Diploma and BSc Degrees at the Institute under the Studies+ Scheme.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is pleased to announce that students registering for MQF level 5 Diploma and MQF level 6 BSc Degrees may wish to avail themselves from 100% financial assistance for the duration of their studies under the Studies+ Scheme launched by the Malta Development Bank through Bank of Valletta plc.

Students don’t have to make any payments whilst they are studying, starting to make monthly payments when in employment. Upon successful completion, students will also be eligible for a total of €16,000 in income tax rebate, on condition they are working in Malta!

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Who is eligible?

Eligible students will be registered to undertake studies at an NCFHE accredited programme at MQF levels 5,6,7 or 8 as well as internationally recognised qualifications.

Students may study on full-time or as evening students and must be;

Maltese citizens; or

A national of an EU/EEA Member State or a family member of such EU/EEA national (as defined in SL460.17 and SL217.04 respectively for EU and EEA nationals), provided that such person has obtained permanent residence in Malta in accordance with SL460.17 and SL217.04 respectively for EU and EEA nationals; or

A national of an EU/EEA Member State who is in Malta exercising his/her Treaty rights as an employee, self-employed person or person retaining such status in accordance with SL460.17; or

A third country national that has been granted long-term residence status under SL217.05.

In case the student is married, either of the couple must comply with any of the categories listed above, and the financing will be issued in the joint names as per Family Law.

Is there an age limit for the financial assistance?

The minimum age is 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit however the student would need to be in employment for the duration of the loan post studies.

What is the maximum amount of financing a student can avail from?

A student can benefit from 100% financing of the study programme undertaken at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, and after successful completion will also benefit from a 70% of the total cost of the programme as income tax rebate, provided s/he is employed in Malta.

What are the eligible expenses that may be availed from the financial assistance?

Eligible expenses are defined as tuition fees, accommodation Fees, living allowance, transport expense; textbooks, other costs related to the study course together with a 10% foreign exchange contingency.

How and when is the financial assistance repaid by the student?

The student will not be required to make any repayments during the duration of the programme. During the term of studies students will not be asked to make any payments, and the financial assistance is interest free.

The student is expected to pay back the financial aid right after s/he successfully completes his/her programme of studies and is in employment. The interest rate is a variable rate of a margin over the banks consumer base rate and currently this rate is of 2.45% payable on the balance due.

What obligations will the student carry if the course of study is not finalised?

Should the student fail to get the qualifications within the stipulated time frame an extension of up to one year can be granted to get the expected qualification, subject to the moratorium period not exceeding five years from the first disbursement.

Should the student decide to stop the studies / course the moratorium period will be terminated and the student will start repaying the loan, capital and interest. In addition the interest rate subsidy will be suspended with effect from one month from the date the student decides to stop the studies.

What are the criteria to qualify for the financial assistance?

The student does not undergo any means testing, however normal banking credit evaluation criteria will apply at the Bank’s discretion.


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