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The Gaming market size is projected to double by 2026, reaching US$ 400 Billion from the US$ 192 Billion registered in 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.0% forecasted for the 2021–2026 period. The global pandemic has driven many people into their homes, seeking entertainment and relaxation through internet services. The games industry has benefited from a number of factors;

The spreading of mobile internet services, as well as the widespread availability of online games around the world, are likely to continue to drive the gaming market growth.

E-sports is increasing due to the multiple investments and growing prize pool is making this genre ever more popular and sought after.

In the video game industry, game creators are constantly improving and pushing the technological limits in terms of real-time rendering of images, which is predicted to fuel further growth as new games consoles push towards realism.

Easy accessibility and competitive pricing of console gaming devices are expected to further augment the market growth.

Whilst the industry is growing exponentially, and the demand by gaming studios for top-class individuals is verging on the desperate, the number of individuals who respond does not seem to be able to keep up with the demand. And as the movie and games industries mesh together, the opportunities will multiply.

Are you ready to join this fantastic industry that pays good money with local and international opportunities of work with famous games studios?

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is the pioneer in the introduction of this genre of computing to Malta. In 2006 we launched the BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing, taught at the Institute and awarded by the University of London under the academic direction of Goldsmiths College. This degree has successfully launched many hundreds of individuals to join the many international online gaming companies that have relocated in Malta.

This single degree has now been replaced by a number of different pathways that have developed from this initiative. Students may today read any of the following degrees that fall under the creative computing generic term;

BSc (Hons) Computing with Games Design & Development;

BSc (Hons) Computer Science with User Experience;

BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Virtual Reality.

Apart from these degrees, Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education also offers a BSc (Hons) in Computing with Information Systems and a BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Machine Learning & AI.

Tuition fees & Payment Terms

If you are motivated to learn the aspects of computing related to games, mixed reality and user experience, you should really embark on this degree programme.

If you are already in a job and wish to improve your opportunities or change career, your monthly payment as an evening student will amount to ONLY €167/month. And as soon as you graduate you will benefit from a 70% income tax rebate!

You may study as a full-time student earning stipends and grants whilst you are reading for your degree, and benefiting from a no pay until you graduate scheme plus a 70% expense rebate as a tax repayment to you or your parents/guardians. That is right, you only end up paying 30% of all the expenses and after you graduate in a well-paid job.

Entry Qualifications

No provisional acceptance, no stress whether you are going to get that re-sit or not. Or if you have left school a long time ago, no need to go and do your a-levels again. With these minimum grades and motivation to dedicate yourself to learn new and interesting subjects, you are in.

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Join the Gaming industry

The gaming industry offers a wide spectrum of jobs, from story tellers, script writers, character and scenic designers as well as a programmers to create new worlds.

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