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A foundation in business or computing will pay dividends for any career

Statistics published last July by Matsec clearly left many students and their parents apprehensively searching for an alternative occupation for this coming year, just in case the elusive grades necessary to progress in their intended course are not attained. Many will have to revert to evening private lessons to try and make up the grades in the next May 2024 sitting, but what of the boring days whiling away doing very little!

Many students who take a standing year have disastrous results for their career progression, because their brain simply shuts off due to inactivity and boredom repeating the same material.

Solution: Read for an MQF level 5 diploma over an academic year

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education offers MQF level 5 diploma programmes, that run over a single academic year, studied full-time. The fields of study are purposely identified to offer a very strong foundation in areas that are always useful, whatever the aspired career by the individual. And the life skills learnt from the dedicated faculty at the Institute, will have a positive effect on the ability to pass the matriculation exams, and cope with future studies wherever these will ensue.

Also, the Diploma programmes are accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) and are equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, recognised as such all over the EU. Students find, to their delight, that the diploma they achieve actually enhances their opportunity for acceptance by their chosen university, be it local or international.

Study Business or Computing

These two areas of study provide students with fundamental skills that every individual should possess.

For every single business success story, thousands of budding entrepreneurs get into very serious financial and emotional trouble, simply because they did not learn the ropes of starting and growing a business. Professional people who build a career as self-employed professionals find themselves out of their depth when dealing with issues of finance, marketing, employment, ICT infrastructure and a million other aspects of running a successful practice which sap the energy of the individual, and distract from the actual profession that is the main income earner.

Diploma in Entrepreneurship

The diploma in entrepreneurship is one of the most successful programmes at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. This programme was introduced in 2010, and has since evolved into providing students with all the fundamental knowledge and skills in developing a feasible innovative idea for a product or service, and what to do to take such an idea into a start-up business. Students do not just learn the theory of business, but through participation in the local Junior Achievement Start-Up Competition, students are trained and mentored to apply what they have learnt in the classroom in real-life situations, presenting their business plans to some of the best entrepreneurs living in Malta competing against student teams from other higher education institutions. Saint Martin’s Institute teams have won the local competition on four occasions, and also won the European competition in 2017!

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Zach Ciappara is a graduated from the Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Saint Martin’s Institute in the early start-up stage of FreeHour the popular APP he originated.

Diploma in Computing

Is there anyone in the world, who would argue that knowledge of the fundamentals of computing is unnecessary! There is not a single career that will not be affected by computer technology, even more than it is today. The advent of artificial intelligence will decimate a lot of careers and build new ones. Every aspect of work is changing through the introduction of new tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, and everyone must have the necessary skills to communicate with such tools using languages that are machine oriented.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education knows its origin to 1985, as a school focused entirely on the teaching of computer science, well before the state institutions started to offer programmes in ICT. Thousands of Maltese are alumni of the Institute, some have become computer scientists whilst others have opted for other careers, such as in medicine, architecture, accountancy, engineering, teaching, banking and in middle and higher management of Maltese and international firms. All find their investment in learning about computer science at an early stage in their career a very important aspect for their career development.

The Diploma in Computing is structured as to provide the pillars of computing that enable students to progress to further studies, or actually seek employment in a junior IT rank.

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Both these Diploma programmes are accredited with the MFHEA at MQF level 5, and successful graduates may opt to read for their degree with the University of London at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education over a further two academic years, or move to other Universities in Malta or overseas. Some also opt to join the workforce on the basis of the fundamental knowledge in the areas of study.

Entry Requirements

Students need to be 16 years old by the 30th of November 2023 and in possession of an ordinary level pass in Mathematics and English at a grade 5 or better, plus passes in any two other subjects.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for a one year diploma is of €5,985 payable in 9 equal payments of €665 per month during the academic year. Upon graduation, the student or parent will be reimbursed €3,500 as income tax rebate meaning a net cost for tuition fees of €2,485.


Saint Martin’s is organised on a trimester system, with three trimesters of 12 weeks each, 10 of which are dedicated to tuition whilst 2 weeks reserved for assessment purposes. Lectures are held between Monday and Thursday, starting at 8:30am with Friday dedicated for extra-curricular and as a study day.


If you wish to have a one to one chat with regard to your choice of qualification, you may complete this online contact form call us on +356 2123 5451 for an appointment, or communicate with us through our website or Facebook or email us on infodesk@stmartins.edu

If you are already convinced that you want to join us for the upcoming academic year, then just complete this Application Form and email it to us on infodesk@stmartins.edu

Late applications are being accepted on a first-come-first served basis and until the allocations for incoming students have been met.

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