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‘Malta is already benefitting from the Games Industry’, according to Mr. Ivan Filletti COO, Gaming Malta, but the Government and the Foundation aim to grow this substantially in the next decade, increasing the workforce to 2,500 full time employees in Gaming, Mixed Reality and CGI.

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The Gaming market size is projected to double by 2026, reaching US$ 400 Billion from the US$ 192 Billion registered in 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.0% forecasted for the 2021–2026 period. The…

for our future …

The education system in Malta is key to the nation, because the young men and women who are being educated now will be the leaders who will be generating wealth for the nation in future. Therefore, the ongoing negative comments that have dogged the sector for these past two decades resulting in major deficiencies in the abilities of graduates that are joining the industry, is a cause of worry.

Why aren’t graduates reaching industry’s expectations?

Serious gaps are observed in what are known as transversal skills including creative thinking, adaptability and resilience. Looking at the National Employee Skills Survey by Jobs Plus…

Ipprepara ruhek biex tibqa’ fuq quddiem, mhux tiġri wara l-ħajja!

Ix-xogħol ma naqasx f’Malta. F’dawn l-aħħar tmien snin, inħolqu kważi sebgħin elf post tax-xogħol ġdid f’Malta. Peress li l-pajjiż huwa membru tal-Unjoni Ewropeja, ħaddiema Ewropej għandhom dritt li jemigraw biex jaħdmu f’pajjiżna. Iżda dan xorta ma kienx biżżejjed b’kwantita’ ta ħaddiema minn pajjiżi ħafna aktar il-bogħod, bħal Indja, Nepal, Pakistan u l-Bangladesh, u ħafna oħra Ewropej li alavolja mhumiex membri tal Unjoni Ewropeja, isibu refuġju f’pajjizna, ix-xogħol li jgħinhom jgħixu, u ħafna drabi jgħinu wkoll lill-qrabathom f’pajjiżhom.

Iżda dan is-suċċess ekonomiku joħloq pressjoni fuq il-ħajja ta’ kuljum, b’mod speċjali dawk…

What are you doing about it?

A recent Credit Suisse Report reveals that 1% of the world’s households, 52 million millionaires, own 43% of global wealth, whilst at the other end, the bottom 50% of the 7 billion people on earth, own just 1.3% between them all.

It all boils down to YOUR priorities.

Each of these graduates are now well established in their career. Their parents felt that rather than rely on the state institutions, they should take the initiative, and use their own income tax to pay for their own children’s higher education. The Institute also pitched in and assisted those who came from a disadvantaged background.

Reading for a degree means debate and discussion, and it is desirable to provide individual attention through small groups in tightly knit institutional communities as are Maltese private independent schools. Lecture theatres packed with hundreds of students listening to a professing lecturer, with little or no opportunity to enter into any debate, let alone one-to-one mentorship, is counterproductive, as so many students realise when it is too late

Why choose the University of London Degrees at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education?

No resits necessary for your child to register with the University of London;

No tuition fees need to be paid during your son’s or daughter’s…

at Saint Martin’s Institute, student are treated as special not just a number

For many families, the distinguishing factor in the choice of higher education for their children is at what cost?

One of the main attraction of the State Institutions, financed in their totality through the income tax collected from the working population, is that students are accepted free of any obligation to pay anything at all, even if a student’s attendance is minimal or a course is not completed. …

After the Matsec results!

During the mid-summer work shut-downs, where families are usually enjoying a break, results from the Matsec Board of Examinations where announced. The year wasn’t easy for students restrained to their homes, under order by a nation besieged by the Covid-19 viral pandemic.

Many families will now be assessing their options, weighing career wishes of the children to the grades attained in either the SEC ordinary level or the Matriculation certificate, and the requirements for the particular Degree. Because, any meaningful career includes the achievement of a reputable degree, attained at reasonably higher class of achievement.


We know how to help you!

Not achieving the results you were aspiring for, especially if necessary to follow a particular career, is always a heart breaking moment. But it should not be a moment of desperation.

How do YOU go from GLOOM to GLOW?

The Matriculation Certification, with its two advanced level, SOK and three intermediate level passes, and including Maltese at ordinary level, is required only by the University of Malta. Reading for a University of London degree in commerce or computing, taught at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, requires two advanced levels and four ordinary levels that must include Mathematics and English. …

What’s next?

Whilst Malta is boiling under the Lucifer heatwave, and many are on annual vacation, the postal service was humming on Friday and over the weekend with deliveries of the Matriculation Board examination results — exceptionally late this year owing to the disruptions of the Covid-19 Pandemic on examination sittings.

Families would have invested time and money to facilitate progression to a career that promises a good and self fulfilling life. …

keeping sanity in a global pandemic …

There is nowhere to hide. Nowhere that the virus has not already been. No strategy that holds for longer than hours! Normality is gone, and so have all the studies and benchmarks that guide business!

Every decision one has to take, opens up in a multitude of questions. Try and resolve one, and instead it multiplies again into more questions!

No one ever imagined that the world will be brought down on its knees by a simple influenza virus. The peoples of the world and their governments are struck by a calamity that is leaving millions infected, dead and economies in tatters. This pandemic fanned by the need for economies to function is pinpointing how ill-prepared countries’ health…

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